IFM seminar

Seminar in Mexico on Innovative Financing Mechanisms for Biodiversity protection – 19th of April 2016

19th of April 2016
Universidad Iberoamericana Ciudad de México in Mexico City

Innovative Financing Mechanisms for Biodiversity protection (IFMs Bio): An exchange between Europe and Mexico

With the Iberoamericana Dean, the European Commission Ambassador, the  CONABIO National Coordinator, Alejandro Guevara-Sanginés (Universidad Iberoamericana Provosts), Driss Ezzine-de-Blas (CIRAD), Marianne Kettunen (IEEP), Hilda González (CONAFOR National PES program director), Daniela Russi (IEEP), Bridgitte Baptiste (Von Humboldt Institute, Colombia), Mariana Bellot-Rojas (UNDP), Marcela Quintero (CIAT, Colombia), Sergio Graf (Conservation and Development Expert), Sven Wunder (CIFOR, Peru), Morgan Robertson, Enrique San Jurjo (WWF-Mexico), Carolina Alvear, Jimena Betancourt (SmartFish initiative), Carlos Muñoz-Piña (SHCP), Berenice Hernandez (CONAFOR), Helena Carrascoso (Environmental Secretariat, State of Sao Paolo, Brazil), Pedro Alvarez-Icaza (CONABIO), Juan Manuel Torres (Director of Economic Department, CIDE), José Carlos Fernandez (Biodiversity Finance Consultant), Joaquin Saldaña (CONAFOR), Alejandro Guevara Sanginés and Vanessa Pérez-Cirera (IBERO).


The Seminar will address the current state of the art of theoretical and empirical issues as well as best practices regarding a variety of IFMs in North and South America and Europe, with a particular focus in Mexico. In particular, we will address ongoing initiatives of public, private and hybrid mechanisms such as Payments for Environmental Services (PES), Biodiversity offsets, Ecolabelling and fiscal transfers such as ecological taxes. The Seminar is part of a one-year project funded by the European Commission to exchange experiences between Mexico and Europe on IFMs on Biodiversity in order to bring a meaningful and relevant input to the forthcoming Biodiversity CoP 13 negotiations that will be held in Cancun from the 4th until the 17th of December 2016.

Access to the seminar programme: FINAL agenda meeting 19th April_Iberoamericana_Mexico City